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Brandon Dumlao & Sorah Yang | Do It Well (Jennifer Lopez)

Brandon Dumlao & Sorah Yang | Do It Well (Jennifer Lopez)

I’ve been taking Brandon’s classes pretty consistently this past year because of how fun and challenging they always are. I’ve definitely felt growth through his movement and I really encourage you guys to take his class whenever you can (Wednesdays mL 3:30pm)!

It was an absolute honor and blast to work with him to create such a fun piece. Make sure to subscribe to this amazing guy – I know so much more is coming from him! http://www.youtube.com/brandondumlao87

Thank you so much to Ryan Parma for filming and Nick Kim for editing the footage, and to everyone for joining us for class. :)

For bookings:
nickkim1090@gmail.com (video)

Refill (Elle Varner) | Sorah Yang Class

Refill (Elle Varner) | Sorah Yang Class

I’ve been listening to this song for months now and was just waiting for the right moment to create it. This moment happened when I was in China a few weeks ago – I had to teach 3 classes each day back to back for a week, and knew I wanted to give both myself and the students a break from all my crazy full out high energy stuff by feeding them something that just breathed and felt good.

I used to be nervous and apprehensive about branching into other genres of music with my choreography, but it’s so important to not allow peoples’ perceptions and/or expectations of you dictate what you create. This past year has been a huge training year for me and the last thing I want to do is limit myself or my movement. After all, your art is an extension of YOUR soul and YOUR experiences — and I’m just so deeply grateful to have people supporting me along my journey.

I hope you enjoy this ode to socially awkward people (like myself) and hope YOU have a beautiful week!

(PS – shoutout to the beautiful movers in this video! thank you guys for coming to dance with me.)

Don’t forget to subscribe. :)

Song – Refill by Elle Varner
Shot by – Tony Carabba (tonycarabba@gmail.com)
Location – Movement Lifestyle Studio
For bookings – sorahyang@gmail.com

Pass The Courvoisier (Busta Rhymes) | Sorah Yang Class

Pass The Courvoisier (Busta Rhymes) | Sorah Yang Class

Just some good ole class footage from a new piece I taught last week at mL featuring some beastly ladies. I honestly prefer posting class footage over official videos because I NEVER dance my pieces perfectly in these things,which always gives me something to work towards and improve on for the next time. :)

Thank you everyone for coming to class, I appreciate every single one of you and it is such a joy and privilege to be able to teach at this studio.

Thank you to Nick Kim for shooting & editing! If you need someone awesome to shoot your classes, you can contact him at nickkim1090@gmail.com

Song: Pass the Courvoisier Pt. II – Busta Rhymes, Pharrell, P Diddy