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Reverse Tuts, Say What?!!

Reverse Tuts, Say What?!!

By: Diana Rodriguez | Instagram & Twitter: @dancindiana_19


The New Year already has brain banging videos loading up on Youtube. One of them being Dytto’s video concept “Reverse Tuts,” which involves her reversing an original tut set that will blow your mind. Through out the entire video this 16-year old dance prodigy keeps her face calm, cool, and collected-showing no sign of sweat. She makes the reversing of her tut sequence look so effortless and natural with her arm and hands that you get mesmerized in watching her. It’s great to see a young woman with a lot of drive and commitment in becoming the best urban dancer she can be in life. Check out the video below:

Don’t forget to watch Dytto on the “The Drop”, a new weekly program on World of Dance that is designed to promote new music to the dance community. Watch episode 2 below: