Audition Series FAQ


AUDITION SUBMISSION - The audition video may be of your dance group’s most recent performance or rehearsal video. - Make sure your video showcases the very best of your groups abilities  - Multiple submissions accepted  

Division Entries 

Studio Team Division - Audition

Ages: under 18*

Group size: 5+


  • Dancers have performance experience, though may be new to the community & industry setting.
  • Dancers exhibit developing and consistent understanding of formations and use of audition space. 
  • Complexity of choreography ranges based on the age and level of the group.
  • Typically dancers in this category train, perform, and or compete in multiple genres.

Junior Team Division - Audition

Ages: under 18*

Group size: 5+


  • Dancers have performance experience in a community and pre-professional industry competition setting.
  • Dancers exhibit consistent and efficient understanding of formations and use of audition space.
  • Complexity of choreography is evident and demonstrated throughout the set.

Team Division - Audition

Ages: If the group consists of any dancers over the age of 18* the group will compete in the Team Division.

Group size: 5+


  • Dancers have performance experience in a pre-professional or professional, community, or industry competition setting.
  • Dancers exhibit an efficient understanding of intricate formations and use of audition space..
  • Complexity of choreography, originality and exceptional creativity is evident and demonstrated throughout the set.

Once your group has submitted through our website, the World of Dance Audition Team will begin the evaluation process. After your video has been assessed, you will receive an email with your acceptance or waitlisted status.  **All submissions are due 20 days prior to the World of Dance Audition date of choice. Late submissions of groups / individuals may be subject to an additional registration fee.**


Once your group has been accepted to audition, you must submit a registration form and payment via the link within the "Congratulations" email. It will require you to add in your dancer information and complete your payment Registration Requirements: Your Registration Must Include:  - Studio Name - Routine / Group Name  - City of Representation - Group Biography

  • This is a 3 line bio of your group which will be provided to the judges prior to your audition. 
  • Legal name of each group member participating in the World of Dance event 
  • If your group is selected for multiple performances the day of the Audition, please indicate the separate group names and the names of individual performers that are in more than one number to account for quick changes. If we are not notified and the schedule has been sent, we cannot guarantee a change in the schedule to accommodate back to back performance

*Age requirements laid out in the submission guidelines must be followed on the day of the WOD Audition you are participating in. If not, it will lead to disqualification of your team and removal of your placement.  Payment Requirements: $20 per dancer, per routine  

**The deadline to turn in registration and payment is 20 days prior to the World of Dance event date. Failure to comply may result in removal from the event without refund or additional fees determined by the Audition Director.**


Send to Label:  Group/Routine Name - Audition City 

After you have submitted your music, the World of Dance organization will make sure your music meets our standards.  The following rules apply:  

  • Profanity and inappropriate or offensive language are not allowed.  World of Dance is a family environment, all music must be clean.  Explicit content is not allowed. 
  • Music and performance time must not exceed 6 minutes in length.
  • World of Dance will send an email to the primary contact, notifying them of the status of your music.  If changes need to be made, your primary contact will have the opportunity to do so.  Pay attention to the music eligibility email..  If your group is asked more than twice to clean up and/or resubmit your music, you will be removed from the event without refund.  
  • Groups who neglect to send in their music two weeks prior to the event, may be removed from the event, without refund. 

**After your music has been approved, performers will need to provide a backup USB labeled with your group name on it.  The music file on the backup USB must be the same music file that was approved.  If the music file is switched and violates the language and/or time rules, the performer(s) will no longer be allowed to perform and may be banned from participating at future World of Dance events.  


World of Dance will provide a performers packet to each group's primary contact.  The packet will include your check-in time, show line-up, example score sheet, and other vital information pertaining to the event.  


Audition performances are non-scored.  For each audition, a panel of three judges provide real time voice feedback and deliberation, whereas one head judge appointed by World of Dance will assess providing a “Golden Ticket” and divisional advancement to either the World of Dance Finals competition, or invite to World of Dance Summit. 

All judges will score each performance based on the following criteria. 


  • Facials
  • Energy
  • Stage Presence
  • Showmanship


  • Cleanliness of Routine
  • Execution
  • Foundation
  • Body Control
  • Musicality
  • Timing/Synchronization


  • Originality
  • Concept
  • Dynamic in movement
  • Variety
  • Musicality


  • Music Selection
  • Transitions
  • Theme
  • Staging/Blocking


  • Costume/Performance Attire
  • Hair and Make-up
  • Attitude


  • Audition settings and performance area dimensions will differ per event.  Inquiries for specific details can be addressed to the event manager, prior to the event date.
  • Due to the number of dancers associated with each event, dressing rooms are not offered.  Instead, performers can get ready in designated open space or other rooms as allocated for preparation.  
  • All performers are responsible for their own items.  The venue, World of Dance staff, and all World of Dance live event affiliates and sponsors are not liable for any lost, stolen, or damaged items.  
  • Due to time constraints, tech rehearsals will not be permitted in audition room.


  • All props must be prescreened and approved prior to the event date.  To get approval, email photos of your props to the event manager before the event date.  Props must be fire retardant.  Any prop that has not been approved, will not be allowed inside the event.  


All Audition Participants are invited to World of Dance Summit.  

“Golden Tickets” to the World of Dance Finals (Competition) are awarded to stand out performances across three divisions:  Studio Team Division, Junior Team Division, and Team Division. 

Summit Invites by limited availability, are provided to all other participating teams to attend the World of Dance Summit - Exhibition Performance.