The World of Dance Summit unites global participants in a year-end celebration combining top-tier competition at “World of Dance Finals” with team exhibition performances showcasing creative expression across all disciplines of dance. Aside from world-stage performances, participants enjoy master classes, and the “Summit Games.” Join us this summer. Start planning your unforgettable experience today.

Opening Ceremony

Experience a dynamic opening ceremony for World of Dance Summit Week, hosted at the iconic Universal Citywalk in Hollywood. Witness competitors hailing from over 50+ countries, proudly displaying their cultural heritage, united by a shared love for dance.  This event serves as a kickoff for the World Finals competition, where in culmination, only one crew will win the coveted title of World of Dance Champion.  

The World Finals Competition

Qualifying teams from hundreds of global events are invited to compete in the annual World of Dance Finals  held every summer in California, USA.  The World of Dance Finals takes place during our summit week, a 5-day international dance festival featuring the highest level of global competition.  

Your experience includes:  Competition, Summit Games, and Master Classes  

Team Exhibition

Experience the World Stage, where groups that have participated in qualifying events from around the world are now invited for an exhibition performance to be critiqued by a select panel of 3 industry experts.  

Your experience includes:  The Exhibition, Summit Games, Master Classes and a 3 Day Pass (World of Dance Finals Competition)

Master Classes

Where dancers from different backgrounds come together for an all day educational experience unlike no other. Twelve of the industry's best choreographers have been selected to level up your skill in either advanced or intermediate technique. This convention features a wide range of styles, creating a unique atmosphere of artistic expression and inspiration.

Summit Games

After multiple days of fierce competition Summit Games provides team building activities that bring the community together in a friendly competition. Each game is developed to test groups on their collaborative skills, including strength, agility, endurance, balance, and compatibility. Prepare yourself for fun but competitive events that emphasize the necessary physical and mental skills required to become a future World Champion.

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